The best in mens underwear

When our founder Mitch created his first hand-painted pair of cotton boxer shorts in 1987, he had no idea that his brush and fabric paint would lead to a personalised and comfortable underwear range. A budding artist at the time, the story behind our mens underwear line is the very definition of humble beginnings.

From these origins, our constant efforts to innovate has led us to be the preferred mens underwear brand for our community of customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Not only is Mitch Dowd distinctly Australian, but each of our new arrivals is designed from our Victorian studio with an eye for the latest in fashion - not to mention that fresh touch of Mitch’s personal flair in every design. From mens socks to pyjamas and everything in between, experience the very best from our men's fashion line.

We've been one of Australia's favourite brands for more than 30 years because we have never lost our unique sense of fun and creativity.

Flaunt these mens trunks in style

Here at Mitch Dowd, we're committed to not just selling mens trunks, socks and pyjamas. We're also committed to offering you the many benefits of improved underwear and sleepwear experience.

Whether going to sleep or sitting back in your personal space, we endeavour to add to that experience by creating clothes that are comfortable for you to wear.

Our quality guarantee

There's nothing worse than ordering a new pack of mens trunks and finding they aren't the right fit or the seams are in all the wrong places.... we know, we've been there!

If you're getting ready for the day or preparing for a night on the town, we are there to support you with our premium styles. Whether you prefer mens boxers or briefs, we've got you covered.

So if you need trunks with extra room or you are looking for a natural, eco-friendly bamboo alternative, we can hook you up (and we'll even give you free shipping on every order over $70).

About our range

We know how important finding the right undergarments can be and we have taken great care to seek out the greatest comfort across all the men's underwear ranges.

The Mitch Dowd promise

We haven't been one of the leading brands in Australia for three decades for nothing! It's been years since we developed our signature breathable fabric, but we are constantly innovating and improving our designs to give you the best in mens briefs and boxers. From both classic colours to flamboyant prints, ordering from us is as simple as can be.

If the perfect jacket completes the man, then the perfect pair of underwear starts the man for the day.

So... if you needed a sign to update your trunks, this is it! And you've come to the right place.

Choosing the right style of trunks

Yeah, we know that underwear is a kind of personal thing.

All of our designs combine comfort and aesthetics for the best looking, best feeling underwear experience. Simply search our range to find the perfect fit for you -- and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

We do sell our trunks by the pack, so when you find a style you like, you can buy it in bulk and stock up any time. So there's no need to keep the perfect pair aside for when your partner comes over.

Whether you prefer a loose fit knit or you're a briefs kind of guy, our shop has a range of both -- and we won't judge!

The best mens pyjamas you'll buy

At the same time, the right pyjamas should set you at ease and prepare you for a decent night’s rest.

Whether you are in your comfort zone or travelling for work, Mitch Dowd aspires to make the sleeping experience a memorable one at home and abroad.

High-quality mens socks

Every man knows the importance of socks that won't wear through on the first wear.

You can check out our range of classics that pair perfectly with your cap-toe boots and wingtip oxfords alike.

Buying mens trunks online

With great gifting options, we have made shopping super easy for everyone. No matter what you purchase or who you're buying for, we are committed to providing access to the highest-quality items in our shop -- and at the lowest possible price.

For a faster checkout experience, create an account with us to keep shopping at the lowest prices. It's the best way to be the first to hear about discounts, free shipping and specials.

Finding the right fit

Our breathable garments are made to fit just right. But if you're not sure what size to pick, we have outlets and supply to stockists across Australia, so you can try Mitch Dowd in person.

Simply browse through our shop and you will see why Mitch Dowd is the premium men's underwear brand in Australia. We are dedicated to providing comfortable clothing to suit every customer, creating our positive position in the industry. See what we're all about by shopping online now.