Stepping Up: Our Socks for Docs Collaboration to Support Healthcare Heroes!

Crazy Socks 4 Docs is a charity day held every year on the first Friday of June. It’s all about raising awareness of the mental health of all doctors and health practitioners around the world and driving positive change via action! It was co-founded by Victorian Doctor Geoffrey Toogood who has a lived experience of anxiety & depression. When he happened to wear some odd socks to work (due to a new puppy destroying all his others), talk was that he was failing again but this wasn’t addressed in an open and supportive way. This motivated Geoff to begin an awareness movement to break down the stigma faced by health professionals. Since its launch in 2018, the Crazy Socks for Docs movement has gained worldwide recognition with 1,000’s of healthcare workers getting involved in the fun day! 

Why We Donate Pairs Of Crazy Socks For #CrazySocks4Docs Day

Since the ‘80s, we have been known around Australia for our fun & bold socks. At Mitch Dowd, we specialise in designing a wide range of both every day & novelty sock’s that add a pop of personality to any outfit or uniform. From eye-catching patterns and quirky designs to vibrant colours, our socks are crafted to spark joy with every step, which is why we knew Crazy Socks for Docs would be the perfect movement for us to be involved with, give back and shed light on a prominent issue.

A woman wearing funky socks in an office        A woman wearing funky socks in an office. 

Every year since 2017, Mitch Dowd and St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, join forces in a delightful partnership! Recognising the significance of Crazy Socks 4 Docs Day, we donate over 600 hundred pairs of our wildest and quirkiest socks every year. These eye-catching socks are proudly worn by doctors at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne on Crazy Socks 4 Docs Day and beyond. You will spot St Vincent’s doctors with their scrubs rolled up, proudly highlighting their funky socks for all to see. It is not just about adding a splash of colour to the hospital corridors; it is a powerful symbol of unity and support for the well-being of our incredible healthcare heroes. 


Together, Mitch Dowd and St Vincent's Hospital are showing the world how community partnerships can make a real difference. We are spreading awareness, fostering a culture of care, and turning heads with funky footwear! The annual "Crazy Socks 4 Docs" day has become an eagerly anticipated event, not just at St V’s, but globally, as a reminder to address the important topic of mental health in the medical profession. 

COVID 19 Mission 

Oncology unit wearing Mitch Dowd Socks 

In April 2020, we were inspired by the successful Socks for Docs collaboration with St Vincents Hospital and amidst the challenges of lockdown, we embarked on a mission to show our gratitude to those on the frontlines – our healthcare heroes. Recognising their tireless dedication and selflessness in the face of adversity, we launched a heartwarming initiative to give away free socks to healthcare workers across the country. As they tirelessly cared for the sick and vulnerable, we wanted to offer them a small token of appreciation, something to bring a smile to their faces and warmth to their hearts (and feet!) during these challenging times. We distributed thousands of pairs of free socks to nurses, doctors, medical staff, and essential workers, expressing our thank you for their unwavering commitment. It was our humble way of saying thank you, of standing in solidarity with those who risked their well-being to protect and care for others. In the darkest of times, these acts of kindness and generosity shone brightly, reminding us of the power of community. 


Get Involved: Where to buy Crazy Socks 

Art Socks   |   Australian Socks     |   Cat Socks   |   Dog Socks

This year's Sock 4 Docs Day is on Friday 7th June and when it comes to finding the perfect pair of crazy socks to show your support, Mitch Dowd has got you covered! We offer a wide selection of funky and funny novelty socks in a variety of patterns, colours, and designs. You can shop online or for those who prefer to shop in-person, you will find our socks in-store at your local Myer, David Jones, Harris Scarfe or Farmers in New Zealand. Whether you are searching for bold stripes, cute & native animals, or eye-catching graphics, there is no shortage with our new sock collections. Made from high-quality materials for ultimate comfort and durability, our socks are not only fashion-forward but also long-lasting. Our funky socks are a must-have addition to any sock drawer. Explore our collection today and step up your sock game with style and flair! 

Our Top Picks for Crazy Socks for Docs Day 2024 

Art Socks

Art socks with mona lisa, sream and van gogh starry night

Did someone say modern-day Michelangelo? These creative and fun socks are like tiny galleries for your toes, featuring miniature masterpieces that will have everyone talking. From Van Gogh's Starry Night to DaVinci's Mona Lisa, these socks turn your feet into a walking museum! Choose these novelty socks for Crazy Socks for Docs Day and let your feet do the talking – or should we say, the walking and the art-gawking! 


Australian Socks 

Australian socks with koalas and kangaroos 

One of our favourites of this season is our Australian animal socks, where iconic creatures of the Aussie Outback come to life in vibrant and playful designs. From the kangaroo to the adorable koala, these three packs highlight the unique and diverse wildlife that calls Australia home. Made from soft, breathable bamboo pulp fibre, our Australian animal socks not only show your love for Down Under but also provide all-day comfort and warmth. We are expecting these to be on plenty of toes this year for Crazy Socks for Docs Day and hope you embrace your Aussie spirit on the day! 



Animal Socks 

Cat Socks 

Blue Cat socks


These adorable stray cat socks feature cute cat motifs, capturing the love you have for your feline friends. Slip into a cute pair of cat socks and let your feet do the talking on Crazy Socks for Docs Day. Made from super soft, comfortable bamboo fibres, these cat socks not only showcase your love for animals but also provide all-day comfort and warmth. So why wait? Embrace your inner cat lover and add a purr-fectly adorable pair of cat socks to your collection today! 


Dog Socks

 Black dog socks

How about a “bring your pet to work day”? Show your love for man's best friend on Crazy Socks for Docs Day in every step you take. At Mitch Dowd, we are avid dog lovers; which is why we have numerous different pups-inspired sock designs, and our designers love to get creative when it comes to Man’s best friend!