Beliefs and Little Things - Blog - Mitch Dowd
Just like Mitch Dowd the company, Mitch the person has always leaned into green, and tried to leave a light footprint on the planet. With his brother Jason, they are building sustainability into the operations and culture of the company.

Mitch spends most of his time at his off-grid property near Euroa. He planned and built a family home with a 6-star energy rating over 15 years ago (back when this was not easy to do) and is constantly evolving his sustainable living practices and relationship with the land.

"Going 'green' is not just about offsetting emissions, that's just the beginning. We have a long-term commitment to doing business in a way that we can be proud of.

We're not a multi-national corporate. We're a small family-owned Australian brand based in Melbourne. What we can control, we change. We continue to recommit and innovate.

This includes big things like green energy, as well as little things that make a difference - recycling batteries and toner cartridges, organic waste, recycling coffee pods and reusing stationary.

We're always looking for ways to be better, because every little bit helps." - Mitch